“It’s sounding heavy.” says singer Sean Martin from The Night Café about their impending debut album. Like, ‘heavy heavy’? Are we talking about head-thumping, riff-tastic, rock epics? “Nah, I mean like heavy,” he insists. It’s a Scouse term the rest of the band agree fits the bill and whether you’re from their hometown or not, if you’re familiar with this lot, you’ll be starting to get on their wavelength.

    It’s still a work-in-progress, with a release slated for the second half of 2019, but watching them play the songs live sends big signals where they’re going. The lyrics hit harder than before, the melodies are sweeter and the scope for where these songs are heading is even wider. If the string of singles and EPs they’ve released so far act as infectious rushes of melodic indie magic, these songs both thrill and linger, leaving a satisfying aftertaste.

    Most of this is down to the task they’ve set themselves; to make a timeless album that’ll propel them into being one of the nation’s biggest bands. A daunting feat for any musician in this climate, but not this lot. “It's so exciting making a massive piece of music rather than a single. We're using synths, pianos, everything. We're really going for it. We all know that's it's going to be boss,” Sean says. Drummer Carl agrees that it is “feels like we're making a massive piece of art.”

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